Introducing Yasin Beauté by Naja Alston

Believes in creating a classic style of make-up for the realistic woman.

Yasin Beauté (Rich Beauty) was founded in early 2012 by CEO Naja Alston and recently officially launched an online store in late June of this year. Naja has worked with people throughout the industry in the field of television, film, print ads, personal photo shoots, weddings as well as self-esteem building projects for battered women shelters. Cosmetic lines she has worked with include Fashion Fair, Clinique and most recently Chanel Cosmetics, which also helped inspire her style for Yasin Beauté. See more after the jump…

Naja developed a YouTube channel in early 2011 providing videos weekly to share her techniques as an artist with others interested in learning. Her products include luxury glosses, rogues, and intense shine lip lacquer with prices ranging from $12-$13.50.

Yasin Beauté is having a Back to School promo that is still active….Use Promo Code:: SCHOOLGIRL to receive 15% your purchase. A percentage of sales on this website will be donated to benefit research and assistance for Cerebral Palsy and Alzheimers disease.

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