Artdeco Color Lip Shine for Fall 2013

This month Artdeco launched the Color Lip Shine Collection for fall 2013 which is an exclusive lip color collection featuring 16 new shades of lipstick. Irresistible seduction, carefree desire and easiness, an all changing moment, a touching encounter – all of it is embodied by ARTDECO’s new Color Lip Shine! With the new Lip Highlighting products Artdeco is placing the most beautiful accessory in the front row. With special products and seductive innovations your lips become the epitome of sensual elegance.  Experience a declaration of love to your lips – a tribute to the beauty of woman! See more after the jump…

Artdeco Color Lip Shine Collection Fall 2013

Color Lip Shine – New – €14.80

The Color Lip Shine lipstick has a soft and light, creamy gel texture which is very comfortable to apply and delivers delicate freshness and brilliance for a unique finish. It is a perfect balance between the rich, softly pigmented texture, pure shine and intensive, moisturizing care. The lipstick contains shimmering polymers that naturally accentuate and beautify the lips. It is a lively color composition for refined and sensual application.


  • 08 Shiny Pomegranate
  • 14 Shiny Tangerine
  • 18 Shiny Watermelon
  • 23 Shiny Flamingo
  • 29 Shiny Strawberry
  • 34 Shiny Sweet Cherry
  • 38 Shiny Grenadine
  • 46 Shiny Baby Pink
  • 52 Shiny Fuchsia
  • 59 Shiny Wild Berry
  • 65 Shiny Golden Pink
  • 69 Shiny English Rose
  • 74 Shiny Lovely Harmony
  • 78 Shiny Rosewood
  • 83 Shiny Nougat
  • 88 Shiny Cool Harmony

Beauty Balm Lip Base – New – €12.80

The Beauty Balm Lip Base is a breakthrough technology and has a liquid balm texture that prepares the lips for the application of any lip product. The Base unites primer, care and protection in just one product. Since the lips are perfectly primed for makeup application, the color of your gloss or lipstick will perfectly accentuate your look. It has a weightless formulation that feels incredibly light on the lips and gives the lips an immediate “push-up” effect and smoothens them.

The Beauty Balm Lip Base contains micro-fine pigments that neutralizes your lips’ color without covering it, becomes invisible nearly immediately and your lipstick or gloss will glide on like silk. It contains a complex of amino-peptides, collagen and Hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the lips and makes the lips lose less moisture. SPF provides the lips with extra protection. Vitamin A and Corn extract nourish the lips. The Beauty Balm Lip Base increases the durability of all lip colors.


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