Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Beauty Kaleidoscope Makeup Collection

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Kaleidoscope makeup collection for fall 2013 is available now. The new line does not rely on boring basics or ultra versatile tones. Instead, the luxury label is more focused on spectacular options which are sure to make you stand out every single time. See more after the jump…

Giorgio Armani Fall Look 2013 Palette ($88)

The new Giorgio Armani makeup collection for fall 2013 puts a strong emphasis on gorgeous eyeshadow tones as these are some of the coolest choices for a trendy, dramatic new season look. The Face & Eyes limited edition palette is the most practical item of the new collection as it is a two tier palette which comes in two color schemes.

The first color palette displays, on the first tier, a rosy blush face powder which features micronized particles that help illuminate the skin and three eye shadows in Smoky Purple, Iridescent Blue and Satin Grey Blue on the second tier.

The second color palette features a light pink blush face powder which helps create the illusion of a flawless complexion, on the first tier, and three eye shadows in Copper Wood, Iridescent Jade and Sea Green on the second one.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eye Shadow ($33)

If you’re a fan of the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill range, you’ll be glad to know that the high end label has prepared six covetable tones that will instantly tempt you to indulge in the art of eye makeup. The innovative formula which offers an intense color payoff has remained unchanged: every eyeshadow contains the Color-Fil technology which makes the eyeshadows crease proof, flake proof, waterproof and sweat-proof. The long wear eye shadows the label prepared for this fall are:

Gold Hercule – Gold-green
June Bettle – Blue-teal
Rose Popillia – Plum
Scarab Violetta – Purple
Silver Chaffer – Silver
Blue Beetle – Blue

Rouge d’Armani ($32)

Last but definitely not least, the new Giorgio Armani fall 2013 collection includes these seductive lipstick tones which last for up to eight hours:

300 Orange
409 Red-orange
410 Red
610 Berry red
611 Brown
612 Plum


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