Choolips A/W 2013 Collection – Golden Coast ‘the sky was made of amethyst’

Choolips is a London based womenswear label headed by designer Annegret Affolderbach. Introducing the luxuries of ancient textiles traditions & high quality craftsmanship back into fashion, Choolips creates exquisitely detailed collections which are seamless blends of cultures with the backbone of sustainability. Choolips’ ‘Golden Coast’ collection is inspired by the soul of Ghana’s streets: its music and its people. Fairly traded, printed in Ghana by local batikers and tailored by SOKO seamstresses & tailors in Kenya, the collection is colourful, bright and bold. See more after the jump…

‘the sky was made of amethyst’ is an ode to lovers fallen out of tune. The brooding drama of apocalyptic paintings is lit by the warmth of sunlight falling through Tiffany glass windows. Stained glass windows swimming in watercolour seas are set against burning amethyst skies whilst the promise of spring meadows teases with the hope of fresh beginnings. A smouldering palette of charcoal, deep red and amethyst burns in harmony with watery blues and quilted greens, painting a soulful lovers ode onto playfully chic silhouettes.


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