Camilla And Marc Spring 2014 Ready-To-Wear Collection


The Camilla and Marc look has always been sexy, in that sporty way particular to brands from down under. This season, the sex appeal was turned up a notch: The collection had an almost feral quality. See more after the jump…

Much of that had to do with the materials Marc Freeman and Camilla Freeman Topper were working with, most of which featured some subtle textural robustness, like the honeycombed silk deployed in tank tops with a cowl neckline. Some of the feral-ness emerged from the collection’s emphasis on leather and leopard-patterned jacquard, and another portion was due to the black lace and sensually draped dotted tulle. But nowhere was the tone better exemplified than in the wrapped tops and dresses, a group that stood out as this season’s most interesting new development. There was a sense of spontaneity in the way the satin had been whorled around the body, and an implied intimacy with the body’s tucks and curves. These pieces hinted at the possibility that they could easily come undone, although that wasn’t the case at all; they were properly finished (of course). But the wink was enough.


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