Dresses Inspired By Disney’s Iconic Princesses Up For Auction Today

Disney princess dresses are helping to raise money for children in need. Dresses inspired by some of your favorite Disney princesses are up for auction at Christie’s in London. The exhibit includes everything from a Versace-designed Cinderella dress to a magical Snow White dress by Oscar de la Renta. See more after the jump…

“The dresses are so special and unique. Some of them are very iconic and people, when they come to see them, will really recognize what wonderful princess, or what their favorite princess would be. But some of them not so much, and I think that’s what’s really captured my creativity over this project, is how they’ve really interpreted different things and thought about different things about the princesses,” Harrods Store Image Director Mark Briggs said. Money from the auction is going to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

“I think what’s appealing about the dresses is that it marries your childhood memories with current fashion and for me that’s great because I loved Disney as a child and I love fashion now and I love the two together, which is a perfect combination,” Clare Borthwick, a Christie’s specialist in Vintage Couture and Accessories said. The dresses start at $5,000 a piece.


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