Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

On Wednesday morning, Ralph Lauren showed his pre-fall collection via an intimate runway show at his women’s store on Madison Avenue. The salon-like setting proved perfect to highlight the impressive lightness of the clothes. “Very delicate, very sleek, very modern, with touches of detail,” Lauren said before the show. “It’s very subtle.” See more after the jump…

There was suede in abundance on jackets, leggings, and wrap dresses, as well as cashmere, which was often trimmed in shearling. These were clothes designed to provide tactile delights as much as visual ones. It was that spirit that influenced the collection’s strongest evening look, a silvery silk cashmere sweater worn with a long, bias-cut satin pongee skirt.

Lauren accessorized some of the looks with raw crystal belts. Jewelry in a similar vein added an earthy dimension to the lineup, which was otherwise quite urbane. Come next summer, you couldn’t go wrong with a sleeveless worsted wool sheath gathered at the side of the waist with a brooch.


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