Nasty Gal ‘What is Love?’ Valentine’s Day 2014 Lookbook

The Nasty Gal Valentine’s Day 2014 lookbook arrived early this year, giving you plenty of time to choose the perfect look for the occasion. The new Nasty Gal lookbook for Valentine’s Day, lensed by Zoey Grossman, is titled ‘What is Love?’ and brings models Moa Aberg and Camilla Christensen into the spotlight. The label brings both sweet and sexy ensembles and more tongue-in-cheek options for those who are looking for non cookie-cutter outfit ideas for the fast approaching romantic holiday. See more after the jump…

As always, the label manages to blend cool options for the occasion and brings trendy pieces for the sandal season ahead of us. If bold, sexy dresses, lacy lingerie and heart-shaped accessories cover the first category, the latter encompasses everything from cropped tops and graphic tees to ankle boots. Irrespective of which category the outfits belong to, the approach is always the same: simple, effortlessly cool pieces that pack a lot of attitude.

Though it might seem like Valentine’s Day is a couples-only holiday, the new Nasty Gal Valentine’s Day 2014 lookbook brings plenty of cool options that will also tempt single girls. After all, what better way to proclaim you’re a beautiful, confident girl than having “Babe” written across your chest?Moreover, the sweet pastel-toned pieces which seem perfect for the new season ahead are sure to steal the heart of any bold fashionista, single or not. Ditto for the hot pants that retailer is bringing into the spotlight.

The accessories spotted in the Nasty Gal Valentine’s Day 2014 lookbook are a great choice if you’re looking for cool options for the holiday and beyond. Sure, a heart clutch or a pair of chained heat sunglasses might be a fun statement for the occasion, but things like a sexy new pair of heels will prove a wonderful asset for your wardrobe for months to come.


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